Donkey Business – A Pyrenean Adventure of the Heart

Set in the dramatic and romantic landscape of the French Pyrenees, at the heart of the novel is Julia, an attractive, strong, and resourceful lone mum, who sets out on an adventure with her 8-year-old son Toby. Recently divorced and still grieving the death of her father, Julia is shocked when she develops an attraction for a man who provides her and Toby with accommodation at his remote and beautiful home.

Shocked at the extent to which her emotions are stirred, and sensing that they are reciprocated, she embarks on a donkey trek with her son and two companions. During the trek she battles with doubt and uncertainty: how will her son react to seeing her with a man other than his father, and is she wise to get involved in a long distance relationship? At the same time, Julia knows she’s in danger of throwing away a chance of real happiness. As she plunges deeper into the breathtaking Pyrenean landscape, and the physical challenges presented to her, she is finally able to submit to her emotions in a life-affirming resolution.

Interspersed with Julia’s narrative is that of her son, bringing his own insights to bear on the situation and showing that the child’s eye view can often provide a fresh and uncomplicated perspective. The child’s narrative provides a counterpoint to the anxieties of the adult world as well as a touching reflection of the unique relationship between a mother and son.

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